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- Call for papers Women in Classical Antiquity : Between Image and Lived Realities
Chairs : Dr. Diana Rodríguez-Pérez (Edinburgh-FECYT) and Dr. Glenys Davies (Edinburgh)
We invite offers of papers to form a conference panel at the 8th Celtic Conference in Classics, to be held at the University of Edinburgh from 25-28 June, 2014.

The panel seeks to explore women, their images and realia in the classical cultures including those of Greece, Rome, Etruria, Persia, and contemporary indigenous societies such as the Iberian. It will pivot on visual culture and archaeology, including all forms of artistic representation, with special attention to the problems and methodologies involved.

The aim of the panel is twofold : to study the images of women and the archaeological evidence regarding them from varied points of view and methodologies (art-history, iconography, post structuralism… ), and to address the question of how images can contribute to our understanding (or misunderstanding) of the lived realities of women in the ancient world.

Topics for discussion may include, but are not limited to :

- Scenes or images of women in their sociopolitical context
- Images abroad. Women in the export market
- Images, symbols, metaphors
- How (not) to paint a woman
- Women and death
- Grave goods and gender identity
- Women’s pots : only for women ?
- Colonial contacts and women
- Cosmetics
- Clothing and hairstyle
- The beautiful woman
- Divine models

We welcome proposals for papers of 20 minutes on any of the above (or related) topics. Please, send abstracts of a maximum of 300 words to diana.rodperez@gmail.com and/or g.m.davies@ed.ac.uk by 1st November, 2013. Please, note that the Celtic Conference is self-funding and all speakers must arrange and bear the cost of their own accommodation, subsistence and conference fee.

The languages of the Celtic Conference in Classics are English and French.
publié le 26/08/2013

- Vient de paraître : Numéro 3 de la revue EuGeStA
Aller sur le site de la revue
publié le 16/12/2013

- Vient de paraître : Claude-Emmanuelle Centlivres Challet, Like Man, Like Woman : Roman Women, Gender Qualities and Conjugal Relationships at the Turn of the First Century , Oxford, 2013
En savoir plus sur le site de l’éditeur peterlangoxford.wordpress.com : Couverture et synopsis - table des matières.
publié le 04/10/2013

- Vient de paraître : Women and the Roman City in the Latin West
Edited by Emily Hemelrijk, University of Amsterdam, and Greg Woolf, University of St Andrews, Brill, 2013
Voir cet ouvrage sur le site brill.com
publié le 26/08/2013

- Vient de paraître : Numéro 356 du Dossier d’Archéologie, consacré à "La petite enfance dans le monde grec et romain"
En savoir plus en visitant le site www.dossiers-archeologie.com
publié le 22/04/2013

- Prix décerné à Helen King par le WCC pour un article paru dans le numéro 1 d’Eugesta. (lire la suite)
publié le 07/01/2013

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