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The increased attention accorded to concepts of sex and gender developed by work in gender studies has powerfully transformed research in to the ancient Mediterranean past, opening up a new extremely fruitful field of cultural and social analysis. Inasmuch as many ideas and values responsible for shaping the construction of identities in later western societies originate in antiquity, applying gendered theoretical perspectives to the texts and artifacts surviving from the ancient world antiquity offers particular benefits. Inquiries conducted into the relations among men, between men and women, among women, and on modes of constructing what qualifies as “feminine” and “masculine” have brought a new illumination to the distinctive ways that ancient societies and cultures functioned, an illumination also of major relevance for research on the reception of antiquity in western cultures.

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Jacqueline Fabre-Serris
Introduction [Text]

Claude Calame
Les noms de la femme dans les poèmes de Sappho : Traits érotiques, statuts sociaux et représentations genrées [Abstract][Full text]

Stella Georgoudi
L’alternance de genre dans les dénominations des divinités grecques [Abstract][Full text]

James Robson
Beauty and Sex Appeal in Aristophanes [Abstract][Full text]

Giulia Sissa
The hymen is a problem, still. Virginity, Imperforation, and Contraception, from Greece to Rome [Abstract][Full text]

Helen King
Sex and gender: the Hippocratic case of Phaethousa and her beard [Abstract][Full text]

Judith Hindermann
Mulier, femina, uxor, coniunx : die begriffliche Kategorisierung von Frauen in den Briefen von Cicero und Plinius dem Jüngeren [Abstract][Full text]

Alison Sharrock
Uxorius : The Praise and Blame of Husbands [Abstract][Full text]

Judith Hallett
Intersections of Gender and Genre : Sexualizing the Puella in Roman comedy, lyric and elegy [Abstract][Full text]

Jacqueline Fabre-Serris
Genre et Gender : usages et enjeux de l’emploi de durus chez les élégiaques [Abstract][Full text]

Craig Williams
The Meanings of Softness: Some Remarks on the Semantics of mollitia [Abstract][Full text]

Florence Klein
Mollis – ἁπαλός : La démarche féminine des vers poétiques dans l’élégie romaine et ses modèles hellénistiques [Abstract][Full text]

Alison Keith
Sexus muliebris in Flavian Epic [Abstract][Full text]

Donald Lateiner
Gendered and Gendering Insults and Compliments in the Latin Novels [Abstract][Full text]