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>>The Blackwell Companion to Women in the Ancient World was named a "CHOICE 2013 OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC TITLE FROM 2012"

The Blackwell Companion to Women in the Ancient World (Sharon L. James and Sheila Dillon éditors, February 2012, Wiley-Blackwell) was named a "CHOICE 2013 OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC TITLE FROM 2012" by the library journal Choice.
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Table of content

Introduction 1

PART I Women Outside Athens and Rome 5

Case Study I: The Mother Goddess in Prehistory: Debates and Perspectives 7
Lauren Talalay

1 Women in Ancient Mesopotamia 11
Amy R. Gansell

2 Hidden Voices: Unveiling Women in Ancient Egypt 25
Kasia Szpakowska

3 Looking for Minoan and Mycenaean Women: Paths of Feminist Scholarship Towards the Aegean Bronze Age 38 Marianna Nikolaïdou

4 Women in Homer 54
Cristiana Franco

5 Etruscan Women: Towards a Reappraisal 66
Vedia Izzet

PART II The Archaic and Classical Periods 79

Case Study II: Sex and the Single Girl: The Cologne Fragment of Archilochus 81
Sharon L. James

6 Woman, City, State: Theories, Ideologies, and Concepts in the Archaic and Classical Periods 84
Madeleine M. Henry and Sharon L. James

7 Women and Law 96
Barbara Levick

8 Women and Medicine 107
Holt Parker

9 Reading the Bones: Interpreting the Skeletal Evidence for Women’s Lives in Ancient Greece 125
Maria A. Liston

10 Approaches to Reading Attic Vases 141
Kathryn Topper

11 Spartan Girls and the Athenian Gaze 153
Jenifer Neils

12 Interpreting Women in Archaic and Classical Greek Sculpture 167
A. A. Donohue

13 Dress and Adornment in Archaic and Classical Greece 179
Mireille M. Lee

14 Women and Religion in Greece 191 Eva Stehle

15 Women and Roman Religion 204
Lora L. Holland

16 Women in Magna Graecia 215
Gillian Shepherd

PART III Women in a Cosmopolitan World: The Hellenistic and Late Republican Periods 229

Case Study III: Hellenistic Tanagra Figurines 231